Monday, 4 July 2011

New Template

So, I was just looking at the current template of my blog and I figured it needed a change. Have added a new header with the Eyes Of Alice Cooper artwork, and have also added Alice from the Trash artwork down the sides of the page. Can never have too much Alice right? haha
Also last night I watched Alice on Lee Mack's All Star Cast on BBC iplayer. He was great as always and I loved that it wasn't just a typical interview AND Alice finally bit the head off of a chicken. Not a real one mind you.
Unfortunately I didn't watch the whole show. My laptop decided to have a fit at me just after the sketch where Alice was dressed as a woman(My laptop was probs in shock)haha Came up with some blue screen and died. So not sure what happened after that part.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


Wow, so I just came back on this blog. Realised I kinda neglected it a bit haha. Anyway I'm back :)

So last post was on the 3rd of October. Blimey, that was a while ago.

Saw Alice at the Roundhouse. Brilliant as usual except for the fact I couldn't be at the front(long story.)

Also been to a lot of gigs since then. W.A.S.P,Meat Loaf,Thin Lizzy,AC/DC Premiere,Metal Hammer Golden Gods(Which Alice hosted),Whitesnake and just last week, Cinderella.

Was gutted last week that I couldn't go to the 100 Club gig where Alice played with my favourite actor(Johnny Depp) :( BUT Alice will be bringing his Night Of Fear tour back to the UK in October, with more dates and more venues this time.
Was extremely excited to see that he is playing Bristol, as it is only around an hours journey from where I live, which is great.

Bought my tickets already :D Although I haven't started counting down the days yet haha It won't be long until I do though.

Anyway I shall leave you with a pic I took of Alice hosting the Golden Gods on June 13th.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Google Ads

Just a quick note. If anyone viewing this blog could click on the google ads it would be much appreciated :) Gets me a miniscule amount of money lol But it's something.

Most of the ads should be related to the blog, but of course if a Westlife ad comes up like it is on mine, I would suggest not clicking on it ;)

There's no room for Westlife on an Alice Cooper blog after all haha

Theatre Of Death DVD

Would first like to say thank you to my two trusty followers ;) I hope to gain more soon.
Also my dad solved my Special Forces dilemma. He put all his Alice Cooper albums on a DVD before selling his CD collection(CRAZY!) So he burnt me a copy of the album last night. However I will still be buying the CD. Got to support Alice and all :)

Last year Alice did a world tour named the Theatre Of Death. I was at the Plymouth show of this on December 2nd 2009, and I have to say it was pretty awesome. Also saw Alice back in 2007 at the Bournemouth BIC. Another great show and he just keeps getting better!

That was also the first time I had been to Plymouth as well. Lovely place(except for the rain and the awful wind) but to be fair it was December and I must go there again soon.

Alice did several shows across the UK and one of these was at the Hammersmith in London, which was recorded live. I BELIEVE this has already been released in America but us UK folk will have to wait until October 25th for the DVD/Blu-ray.

Regardless, it should be an amazing DVD to watch. So I suggest all you UK Sick Things go pre-order it now ;)

Word of advice. Amazon SEEMS to be the cheapest place. I first pre-ordered on which was £17.99 for the blu-ray, but it is only £12.99 on Amazon. Quite a difference.

Look I have even provided links to Amazon below. So no excuses ;)(By the way I am not being paid to promote this. I just feel all Alice fans should support him and buy the DVD.)



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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Alice Cooper's Night Of Fear

So this year, although there is no UK tour, Alice will be doing two shows in London for Halloween. AND I will be there. For the second show anyway!
Alice will be doing a full blown Halloween show along with side acts,the Jim Rose Circus and Zodiac Mindwarp(Who I confess I had never heard of before)

Really looking forward to this concert and have been counting down the days. Sad? Maybe lol So 30 days from today I will be seeing Alice for the 3rd time! Expect to see some pics on here.

Also on a side note, my dad gave me his Alice Cooper vinyl collection around a couple of months ago. Yesterday I FINALLY got round to listening to Special Forces, which I had not heard before. I must say I cannot stop listening to it, so I think I'm going to have to buy the CD at some point.

So who else is going to one of the Halloween shows? Oh and what's your favourite track from Special Forces? I myself haven't quite decided yet ;)

Comments please....And maybe a few followers? Much appreciated ;)

Friday, 1 October 2010

Alice Nominated For Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

So I have just created this blog and as you can see this is my first post. And with the first post, comes some exciting news that I am betting every one of you sick things reading this already knows about. Regardless I am going to write about it here. Leave some comments. Let me know what you think of both my blog and the information in this post. Anyway here goes:

FINALLY the master of Shock Rock, Alice Cooper has been nominated for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, along with several other artists including Bon Jovi, Donovan and (who on earth knows why?) LL Cool J. Obviously the person who decided to nominate LL Cool J as a ROCK artist needs to get their head seen to as I am sure everyone reading this will agree.

Alice completely deserves to get in this year after a VERY long wait and if he doesn't I think we (us Sick Things) are all going to be extremely shocked.

So on behalf of all the Sick Things, good luck Alice :)

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